Happy Empowered Youth (HEY!) Educator Certification & Licensing Program
NOW open for 2021 Enrolment. We welcome Educators of all nationalities.
Heroes aren't born.
They're built.
I've always believed my life calling is in helping youths succeed. I've been involved in the starting up of a few youth-purposed organisations: CARE Singapore (www.care.sg); Youth Work Association Singapore, Mentoring Alliance Singapore.

Along the way, I've conducted numerous workshops and training sessions, sharing my experiences and lessons learned, often the hard way.

Then, I had a conversation with a long-time volunteer turned friend, Genecia Alluora who challenged me to take my message to a higher and wider plane - that of the online "universe".

Thus, with her help, I've started a podcast show called "Every Youth Matters" and elevated my online reach to a wider audience.

In addition, "Happy Empowered Youth" aka HEY! ... this is an Educator certification and licensing program that will help youth workers, parents, counsellors, organisations, peers and more. 

Truly, every youth matters!
*Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association (CARE Singapore) Executive Director, 2005 - present. 
(Formerly Director of Development, Dec 2001-Dec 2004)

*Member, Steering Committee, Mentoring Alliance Singapore Limited

*Vice-Chairperson, Commonwealth Alliance of Youth Work Associations

*Founding President, Youth Work Association (Singapore)
Focus is on serving others rather than serving themselves or being served by others.
Starting a mentorship program or desire to be seen and position yourself differently? 
Truly get the whole message across to youths the right way without having mistakes and so on. 
Seeking a proven method that provides all the knowledge, resources, training and support to go from where you are now to where you want to be - FASTER.
It takes a village to raise a child. Impact and Influence the next generation. 
Hello and Welcome to “HEY!" which means Happy Empowered Youth. 

For the past 30 years, I’ve been helping youths realize their life potential. In recent years, though, I’ve helped parents, teachers, counsellors and youth workers engage their teenagers and youths.

In this certification program, we will share tips, tools and ways to reach what may be that difficult or challenging youth who just would not respond to your best intentions or actions. 

What can we do to reach and win their hearts? 

I believe that a youth’s potential is too precious a gift to waste. 

So get equipped to empower.... HEY! every youth matters!
Dr. John Tan's Interview 
" The Secret of Getting the Attention From The Youths Without 
Breaking Their Trust."
Early Bird Price USD $1,500 (Usual USD$2,988)
Available for a Limited Time Only
Yes, I Want To Be A Certified & Licensed Educator in 
Happy Empowered Youth®
This is a 2-day HEY! Educator Certification & Licensing Program. 
Total Value USD $14,155
Your Investment: USD $2,988
Early Bird Price: USD $1,500
  • 1. 1x Questionnaire to discover the "HEY!" in you ($500 Value)
  • 2. 1x Pre Hey! Trainer Certification Task Checklist ($197 Value)
  • 3. 1x laser focus 20 mins 1:1 Clarity Session with a HEY! Coach (Zoom/Skype Call Only) ($1970 Value)
  • 4. 1x Set of HEY! Toolkit ($597 Value)
  • 5. 1x 2-day HEY! Educator Certification & Licensing Program Materials ($597 Value)
  • 6. 1x 2-day Actual In-Person Workshop  ($5000 Value)
  • 7. 1x Certificate of Completion of HEY! Educator Certification Program ($1000 Value)
  • 8. 1x Certificate of Achievement of HEY! Licensing Program ($1000 Value)
  • 9. 1x 1 Year Membership To Be In The HEY! Alliance Network ($1000 Value)
  • 10. 1x 12-months Unlimited Access To HEY! Online University ($1000 Value)
  • 11. 1x 12-months List Your Profile In Our Alliance Network To Connect With Like Minded Community & Elevate Your Status ($997 Value)
  • 12. 1x 7-Day Build Your Brand Online Program By Soul Rich Woman ($297 Value)
Early Bird Price USD $1,500 (Usual USD$2,988)
Available for a Limited Time Only
Others with Your Skills & Knowledge
Hearts of Youths In Your Community
Easy To Follow, Step by Step Process That Has Helped Thousands of Youths To Succeed
Teach A Man How To Fish And He Can Fish For A Lifetime
30 years,
Helped Thousands of Youth,
ONE Life Purpose...
You Are Simply Able To Speak The Truth That Comes Directly From Your Heart.
And if you want to start your journey as a mentor, leader, educator, youth worker, parent, counsellor, etc... and you want to do it right. 

You don’t want to waste time, you want the exact tools you need and some hand-holding along the way.

We truly believe "Happy Empowered Youth" (HEY!) is changing the game we help our youths and the next generation — not by anyone but by us.

Benefit of going through HEY! Educator Certification & Licensing Program, its not just about how to get your communication up and learn how to speak, present, mentor and coach.

I mean all of that stuff is important.


Whether the youths you are helping are suicidal or depressed, or simply "not listening".... we can help you uncover truths. 

Even on DAY ONE, you’ll become an even better educator, leader and, you’ll be able to share this knowledge adding value to others and impacting lives.

Truly, every youth matters!
Is designed for educators, parents, counsellors, mentors looking to better connect with youths - differently. 

This is included in the package for you to use straight out of the box wherever, and whenever you need! 
Our 2021 Intake is open!
It Takes a village to
raise a child
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Early Bird Price USD $1,500 (Usual USD$2,988)
Available for a Limited Time Only
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